There are 3 teams in, which players can choose between (in certain game modes). The major difference between the three teams is the appearance in clothing and hair color. 2 of the 3 teams (Brown and Gray team) are friendly to their teammates, however the last team (Renegades) is enemies with everyone.

Note: The Renegade Flag is currently not in-game.

How to Change Teams

You can only change teams in the game modes Ruins and Fort. In order to do that, you have to die first. Then, the "Death Menu" appears. There you can select which team you want to join when you respawn.

Note: there is no renegade team in Capture the Flag, Arena, and Soccer

Pick Team

This is a part of the "Death Menu". After you die, you can select one of the three teams (Brown, Gray and None (Renegades)) to join, in your next life.

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