The Forum is a website for, powered by UserEcho. Here is the link to the forum: There is also a built in forum in the game where players can vote on ideas and see which proposals are added in the game:

In the forum, players from can create users and post ideas, bugs and questions for Rezoner ('s developer) to look at. Many suggestions and ideas from the forum have been taken into consideration by Rezoner, so make sure to leave your suitable ideas there as well; your ideas could make it into the game. There are also other people on the forum that can share their opinions on your idea by either giving it a thumbs up or giving it a thumbs down.

There are a couple rules in the forum, you can learn about them in these posts:

Note: Do not post irrelevant ideas there. Think of's potential as a game and focus on what the game could need to become a more enjoyable game for the players.

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