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Basic Tips

Stamina jumping

Stamina jumping is helpful when you are running away or chasing somebody. Some of us don't know what this is but its basically a super long jump that takes up some stamina, to stamina jump you hold right-click and space(jump).

Stamina Rolling

Stamina rolling is not super helpful to some of us but its still good to know. Its just a long roll, to stamina roll its basically the same thing as stamina jumping, hold right-click and scroll up/down depending on the type of scrolling u have

Shield Bash

Shield bash

Shield bash

Dashing into another player with the shield up can do 1 damage and break their shield. This is one of the few ways to counter a shield attack, and can be used to start a pin rolling technique.

Disabling mines

Using the axe's special move, mines can be activated or deactivated. You can take advantage of this by luring a player by throwing a bomb to them, using the axe special move to activate it, and roll them in into the bomb.

Kicking projectiles

Kicking at oncoming projectiles pushes them back in the direction of the enemy. This is
Bomb trap trick-1

Bomb trap trick

especially useful against ranged  attacks, because it forces them to either kick back or put up their shield, which slows them down and prevents them from shooting again. Projectiles can be kicked multiple times, and sometimes players play "frisbee" by throwing their weapon and kicking it back and forth.

Giving items

By holding down the key that represents the item slot, you can give items at players or shop where you can trade items. This is also often a symbol of a proposal for an alliance.

Movement speed

Your movement speed depends on the direction you are pointing. This means that if you are walking backwards, you go slower than normal. So if you are using a bow and running away from enemies, until the bow itself charges up, face forward, and aim and shoot AFTER it charges up.

Zoom trick

By using the - button in the upper left corner of the in-game screen, you can zoom out and increase your vision range. This is especially useful for ranged weapons. You can also use ctrl -.  


Stunning is an essential part of wilds. You stun someone when they attac

When the player is stunned there are stars rotating around the stunned players head and his clones also get stunned.

k you while you are blocking. Stunning players can be fatal to them. Simply with one stun, a player can take away 4 damage (half of total) and if the player uses a special at the end, it can do an additional 2 damage maximum. If there is no special available, roll, because it is likely that the player will have their shield up at the end. If you are stunned, the best thing you can do is dash out of the way, before the enemy can do anything. If you stun someone, be careful not to get stunned yourself if they block right after the stun goes away.

Pin rolling


An example of pin rolling another player

Pin rolling is when a player repeatedly rolls or kicks a player down so the fall and cannot get up to do damage. This can be effective against even experienced players. This can done by anticipating the pinned enemy's rolls, (countered by kicking), kicks, (countered with shield), and shields (countered by rolling). You can think of it as a rock paper scissors game. The anti pin roll mechanics causes the opponent to spin their weapon around, doing 0.5 damage which makes pin roll more of a challenge but it is still possible to perform albeit more difficult.

Throwing your weapon

Some pro players think that a player should never throw their weapon. Others think that it may be worthwhile in very rare circumstances. But if you're a new and inexperienced player, never throw your weapon unless you want a quick death. Throwing your weapon is an effective way to chip on more damage. If you really want to hit your target, never throw your weapon at a long distance, as its slow speed means it can be easily blocked, kicked or dodged. It's way more effective to throw at close range when they are least expecting it and have the least amount of time to react. Since it does decent damage, it can really increase your chances of killing your opponent and surviving. It's especially useful if you're running away. If the player chasing you sprints or rolls directly at you, just give them a face full of your thrown weapon and they will have much less health. Remember that throwing your weapon means that you'll lose your special, so for some weapons with good specials(like sword or claws), it 's usually better not to throw your weapon. In some cases, throwing your weapon gives you a tactical advantage. For example, if you have sword, hammer, axe, or sometimes even spear, there's this circumstance that you should throw your weapon after you use it's special, just because: If the opponent has 0.5 health, one punch will kill them, throwing your weapon might be useful. With hammer, your strokes are slow, but if you use punches, they're much faster.

Using Clones

By using a clone, you can make one of the clones go berserk without you taking damage when using a melee weapon. Right before approaching someone, spawn a clone in their face and spam attack. As soon as they start clicking back, you come forward and put up your shield, and stun them. This is good with ranged weapons, as your clone will also shoot projectiles like you. Another instance to use clones is when an opponent is on the spikes, and you're not. If you use a clone, then the clone can hit them and get the kill.

Gathering Coins

The best way to gather coins is to either risk your life continuously breaking treasure chests, or you can trade items at shops while fighting. Wood from trees cannot be sold for coins at shops. However, wood can be traded for other items such as throwing knives, and therefore you can sell these items for coins. As of Fall 2018, the best way to get coins is to kill Orcs and their commanders.

Going down walls

When an enemy is chasing you from either side of a wall, the last thing you want to do is jump over it. Jumping leaves you extremely vulnerable from all sides. Instead, roll into the wall, or stun yourself so that others cannot harm you when you are descending walls.

Attacking the fort

Forts are a major part of ruins gameplay. here is how to utterly destroy them.

  1. The first step is to get a good weapon. The best weapons (from greatest to least) for fort invasion would be sword > spear > claws > hammer. Sword is a crowd control weapon, and the special not only does a good amount of damage but spreads the enemy out, which could save you from a very long pin roll. Spear is second just because of its ability to go right over forts. However, it is only really good if you plan to die several times before actually taking control because the special only helps in getting you in. Claws is good for the same reasons as sword, and hammer is last because although its special is decent and it can destroy gates, it will cost you much less health if you simply use two bombs and may take much less time anyway. And a good fort always has good guards, so usually while you are hitting you are being attacked and the gate is being repaired much faster than you can do any damage. Ranged weapons are not good unless the fort you are invading does not have many people inside and you are going in as a large team.
  2. Now prepare for battle. Get 3 armor, 2 health potions, and 2 bombs. If possible, throw as many grenades in as possible before entering. Lasting a long time in fort invasions is key because a majority of the damage you will inflict on the enemy will be through the special attack.
  3. Two break the gates, place the two bombs at once, and charge right in once the gate is down. Immediately use your special as you come in and use the dash to inflict as much damage on as many people as possible. If possible, single out a person you can definitely kill while the others are still knocked down and kill them quick.
  4. Defend yourself. In a group situation, because there are so many people doing so many different things, chances are you will always be countered no matter what you do. I have found that the best way to keep alive until your next special is to shield, kick, shield, kick, and repeat. As soon as your special is charged, use it and dash around to damage and scatter everyone. By around 2-3 specials, if you are still alive most other enemies should be dead. Back off and let your teammates finish off the rest while you get your health back up. Make sure that you keep an eye on the fort gate while healing, players will come though. Loot the warehouse and repair everything before going into defense.

Defending the fort

Defending the fort is good but tougher than attacking the fort, because it requires teamwork. Whereas one man can take down a bad to mid level fort, one man cannot hold even the best stocked fort. Here are the main roles of fortress defense:

Roles of fortress defense

  • Gatherer - These are the brave men and women who make quick runs outside the fort to gather as many items and wood as they can. Remember, wood can only be chopped with an axe, so be sure to be friendly to your only wood suppliers.
  • Repairer - This person's job is to always have 4 pieces of wood in their inventory to fix the gate with. It seems as though not everybody know that you can throw more than one item at a time, meaning, if you press 1 2 Q E at the same time, you throw ALL of your wood simultaneously.
  • Deactivator - A player with an axe who stands by the gates and uses his shock wave special attack to disarm all bombs placed near the gate.
  • Defender - The role of this player is obvious, defend the fort. The best weapon to defend the fort with is the sword, for it's aforementioned crowd control abilities. The claws come in a close second for best weapon because the special attack can quickly dash through the gate to attack, then return to the fortress. # Internal guard - This is the default role of anyone in the fort without another role. All players loitering in the fort are automatic guards, meaning they are the last line of defense in case of a gate breach.


Here are some of the things all successful fortresses have in common:  

  • A small fire (As of Fall 2018, a stove) - For now, all fire sizes heal the same, so no point in keeping a roaring fire. As of Fall 2018 the Fort has a Stove for healing and keeping the player warm.
  • A very large item stockpile - The gatherers fill the Supply Shed with useful items to be used. As of fall 2018, the Supply Shed as been removed and replaced with 4 chest and 1 wardrobe (Item Containers). All the best forts have a huge wood stockpile at all times (more than 30), and a medium to large health stockpile. Remember, you can throw items at the shed to fill it, it's faster than opening the interface with "B". This tip still applies as of fall 2018.
  • Some archers - 2 or 3 people that stand on the palisade walkways and fire at nearing enemies to keep bombings to a minimum.
  • Clutch players - Just a few internal guards who are exceptional players (maybe even just 1 or 2) make a huge difference in fortress defense in the event of a siege.

Advanced Tips

Adjusting dash

Dashing while performing an attack can be used to adjust to get players. For example, if you mistimed your roll, you can dash the roll into the player instead. Same with kick. You can also dash behind players and stab them right in the back. If you do it right, you can dash right into the face of the player and block, and if they attack, you can stun them. Don't take it too far though, getting stunned can mean a lot of your health lost.

Rolling into mines

Bomb trick

Bomb trick

If you place a bomb, and roll into a nearby player in the right direction, the player can get knocked and stunned into the damage radius of the bomb. This is a guaranteed 6 damage. However, if the opponent manages to stun you, you will be pushed in, and therefore taking damage yourself. As they get blown away, they are also vulnerable to attacks, so if you can estimate in which direction the enemy will get blown away, you can kill them with some finishing blows. This can be done even more effectively with a rope. Place a bomb, throw the rope, roll the player, and 6 damage.

Multiple trades

It seems common for people to trade items one by one, but really by holding both item numbers down at once, you can trade multiple items at the same time. This can come in handy when you need a quick potion while running away. This is also useful in fortress defense, to quickly throw all 4 of your wood into the gate, or to quickly toss items in to the Supply Shed (Item Containers as of fall 2018).

Running away

This may seem like a cowardly thing to do, but when you are going around with 300+ bones, running away can be really important, as anyone will learn. Here are some important tricks to learn.

  • ALWAYS make sure you are pointing in the direct direction you want to travel at.
  • Windows: Jumping through windows gives the runner an important edge. While you can jump through the window just fine, the attacker coming through the window must face you on the other side. This leaves them vulnerable to all attacks except rolling. While they jump through, dash back and spam a couple hits, kick, and if they don't die, keep running away. Make sure you don't get hit yourself!
  • Zooming: Zooming out the window gives you a larger field of view, and lets you make sure that there are no hostile enemies ahead.
  • Sprint jumping: By quickly holding right click (sprinting) before and through every jump, you can run away faster than anyone except the ones that are also sprint jumping.
  • Rolling: When you run low on stamina from sprint jumping, it is good to roll because the roll move does not use any stamina.
  • Dashing: In the roll state, it can be useful to dash just to get a little farther away from your enemy. Dash has a 5 second cool down, so.. just count to 5 then when you roll double tap the direction you are rolling in to do a dash roll.
  • Using items: Haste potions can be very handy when running. If you have one, use them while you still have a chance, so remember to check your inventory before running. Stamina potions are good while doing this because they can make you run for longer by restoring your stamina bar. Haste potions take away two times as much stamina. Bombs can also be useful. While running away, using the bomb roll trick, and as they get blown away, deal the finishing blows. As a conclusion, pay attention to your items. Knives can also come in handy, but watch it if your enemy is good at kicking.
  • Traps: Although this may be risky, (especially when an enemy is coming from the front) going over spikes, waiting for them to come to the other side, and kicking them into the spikes can work effectively. But make sure to know their moves. If they put their shield up, hitting their shield can also make the spikes underneath them activate. Using a rope or a special that knocks the player down can also work just as effectively. This also applies to sand pits or sand worms or any other thing that can kill them with one blow.

Using ranged weapons (bow)

  • Ranged weapons in the right hands can be a truly deadly weapon, even against more experienced players. Use these tips to master them.
  • Be unpredictable: Don't immediately release arrows right after they finish charging. Time your arrows so that as your enemy's shield goes down, it hits them. If you are certain of hitting your mark, unleash your special together with the arrow. Try and kick arrows back. Remember that even after they kick your arrow, you still have control of it, and kicking their arrow back could be a faster shot than you releasing another arrow. It is also highly unlikely that they will anticipate you doing that. The time they roll is the best time to shoot them, it leaves them vulnerable.
  • Don't face your enemy: This can slow you down. Instead, face in the direction you are moving. When your bow charges up, then aim, and shoot.
  • Take advantage of the enemy's limited options: When an enemy is fighting you, likely the only thing they will be doing is kicking and putting their shield up. If they have a melee weapon, they will try and get close to you. Before they get close enough, attack. If they are kicking, dash into them with your shield to stun them, hit them twice, roll in, and put some distance in between you and the enemy. If they had their shield up, shield bash or roll into them. Instead of pin rolling them, try and get an arrow knocked in them instead. Practice kicking, rolling, stunning, and shield bashing. You will need these for close range.

Countering ranged weapons

Ranged weapons players can get pretty tricky sometimes, and the only way to counter it isn't just kicking. Check these tips out.

  • Try to Kick: Kicking will deflect the projectile back at the user. It will do more efficient damage plus you can block if your kick misses. But do be warned: Experienced players with the bow can wait until your kick move is finished or your block move is down before firing. This could cause damage to you and possibly end your kill streak.
  • Don't roll: Rolling leaves you completely vulnerable. If you want to dodge the oncoming projectiles, sprint jump side by side instead. It gives more flexibility and is way faster and more agile. However, there is also the option for you to kick WHILE rolling, which can be helpful against the rapid fire mage wand attack. There is a very small window for you to be able to do this, however.
  • Get close, and be quick: You want to make sure that they do not have enough time to get at you. Instead of using your shield or kicking back, dodge the bullets by sprint jumping or dashing. Time is more important to ranged attacks because it takes longer to get the same amount of damage that a melee weapon might deal. It is very important that you get to your enemy quickly. Once you get close, make a surprise move, one that is hard to counter. Dash in with your special. Kick back a bullet and attack. Or just dash behind them and spam while they try and recharge their weapon. This works well with players that are less experienced with the ranged weapon they hold, and their reaction time to spamming players is slow. As soon as they put their shield up, roll in and attempt to pin roll them. Remember that it takes time for them to deal any real damage, and keeping close and preventing them from even charging up their weapon is key to killing them.
  • Be jerky, be unpredictable: Predictability makes you very vulnerable to ranged attacks. Don't repeat yourself, and try to learn how your enemy fights. Thinking like you are playing a Rock, Paper, Scissors game (predicting others and being unpredictable) (Things are going to get a little abstract here) Wilds is surprisingly like one of the most simple games out there: rock, paper, scissors. Each move in wilds has a counter, and each time you lose, you take damage. Think about it that way. If a player tends to choose rock over scissors, then you have to adjust and choose paper. If after they choose scissors they tend to choose rock, you will need to notice that to increase your chance of winning, even if its by a little bit. As your ranked score gets better and you get paired with better players, your games will become increasingly like a guessing game because people will be much less prone to errors like being stunned or taking a normal melee hit. I'm sure you never though about analyzing patterns in a game of rock paper scissors, and maybe not about wilds either. To win these matches, you'll need to take your game one step further by trying to predict the way people fight, adjust, and most importantly be unpredictable yourself. When you would have kicked, rethink right before you right click and slash instead. When you would have rolled, dash into them instead. Keep on practicing this way of playing, and eventually you CAN become practically unbeatable. Experience will be very helpful.

Combo Moves

A combo move is when you kill someone or do a lot of damage without taking damage yourself, AND countering every single one of your enemy's moves. There is only one combo move so far.

  • Spaghetti Combo: All combos that kill the player in under 5 hits. (4 or under)
  • Ghost Combo: If you have an enemy they likes to roll, get them stunned then hit hit kick. Note: Ghost did not create this combo, he just uses it a lot.
  • Dark Combo: When someone's at the range of about 1/2-1/4 of your screen, check where they're moving. See and you have to know if they could easily kick, roll, or dash away. If they can't do it easily, throw your weapon, dash and sprint towards the player, then roll, kick, or break block (if you still can dash) to give the player some massive damage if done correctly. Afterwards, be aware of the player's actions, because it could leave you vulnerable.
  • Dark Combo 2: Basically when someone gets stunned or is rolling, attack 1-2 times with a sudden special ability. Works better if you can click about .7 milliseconds a second and could attack with barely any time lost. * Item combos: You can use items to combo pretty effectively too. If you hit someone with a rope, throw a knife at the same person, then hit them when they come in close. Get someone with the rope, drop a bomb, then kick.
  • Bigness's combos: mine combos. Mine is a very volatile weapon, it can hurt you but it can return huge payoffs. The trick is to entrap an enemy in the mine, immobilize them, then get yourself out of Dodge. A good one is the rope+mine combo. Prepare a mine, set it right down, rope your target into the mine, then long jump out of the way. The split second the enemy is stunned in the bomb will kill them. (Not created by DJ Big). Using a staff, set a bomb, get out of the way, and send a freeze spell back at your chaser. He will freeze right in the bomb. Using the terrain to your advantage works. If someone is chasing you, get to the worm pit. When the chaser is near the pit, freeze or kick him. This works near the spikes, too. Get the chaser immobilized, then finish him with the spikes.
  • b the original's combos: If you have a bow, special, and 2 throwing knives ready, shoot an arrow, throw the knives, use the special, and then throw your weapon. Good for escaping from 3+ players. Another nice one I observed was used on me a few times by the monk. He used pin rolling, and when I was knocked down and had about 3 hp left, he threw his weapon and hit me when I got up. Which left me no time to react, so this is a good move to knock out a professional
  • Ruby Rose's combos: If the opponent is pinrolling you, wait for a kick, then block using the shield. Proceed to hit them repeatedly. (If you can't get out of the pinroll, dash away) For face-to-face combat, stun them, then proceed to either hit, hit, special, or hit, hit, shield bash. (Works best with claws, or sword) Ruby Rose's signature move, Rose Petal Dance is quite hard to predict; use a haste potion then the sword's special on unsuspecting enemies (Great for stealing kills, and ambushes).
  • Um, Mrrppp da Corn Maker's combos: Use the charge attack, preferably on hammer, to maximize damage, and the millisecond after you hit, put your shield up. Some opponents kick, or attack back to counter the attack, but this way they'll get stunned. After that, you can hit them again. So, you got out more than half of and opponents health in two seconds =D ANOTHER ONE: This one is a little expected with the higher ranked people (one star or above) so don't use it. Again, with the hammer. Use your special, and get behind them, dealing 1 damage from the special, and when your behind them, turn around, and use your normal attack.

Sword specials

When both you and your opponent are using sword, and the enemy activates their special, activate your own and go right up to them. As soon as their invincibility wears off, your attack will be guaranteed to hit them, dealing 2 damage.

Timing attacks

(thanks to Darkvenet for this one, all but the intro is Darkvenet's) Simply click attacking is extremely underrated in advanced ranked matches, but takes a lot of skill to master, despite being the most basic move. 

Stall: You should never go full on on attacks, because a shield or kick could end it quite easily. You should know how to keep patience (not running) and inspecting the player's every move. One is that when they move quite close possibly with a dash makes you want to shield. This could work but also leave you defenseless for an attack afterwards. You should dash quickly after you shield or the other way around for a bit safer defense. You could also jump sprint.

Quick roll

This is a very hard move for anybody, as you have to have quick reflexes for it. If you suspect that someone is going to shield bash, dash aside and then roll. However, you have to be very quick.

Charge Trick

This is very useful when someone's a cautious shield player. When they are at a considerable distance (1/4 the screen and yourself) and when you have stamina to spare, charge an attack. Wait till you unleash it, and the player will most likely shield. Before the attack is halfway done you then roll or break block.

Roll Hit

A lot of people tend to roll, so you should always try to kick or go away. But you can also give out more damage if you attack the player who rolls. Whenever someone rolls at you, they can't move except towards the destination of the roll, unless they dash, which is highly unlikely. If you have time to move to the side, do it, then attack the roller. It will damage the roller more than a kick, but they can't fall down. Works well with spear or heavy damage weapons.


You should never spam as hard as you can on the biggest opportunity, because it could happen the other way, with yourself taking damage. Instead, try to chip damage and give it little by little damage, and only give out special attacks or stun combos when you're sure you won't get countered back. Always have some sort of defensive backup in case you have to protect yourself, like a shield/dash/sprint jump. Kicking and rolling should be your main chip damage, because punches could be quite risky. Try to get a quick weapon, like a sword or claws (possibly spear), because they're are more quicker than the other weapons.

 Useful, little known mechanics

Clash: If two players hit each other at the same time, they are rebounded and no damage is done, similar to a parry. This is called the clash mechanic, it was added on 5/31/2017.

Professional Tips

Here is where the tips get ultra hard. Thought that the bomb trick was hard? Try these!

Dash attacks

A dash attack is when you dash behind or out of the blocking cone of a shield and attack. This attack is very hard to pull off and very risky. The best way by far would be to use a haste potion, charge attack while dashing and hitting the other player form behind. To do this, you must dash right beside a player to keep in range. The dash gets the player behind the enemy, and the charge attacks gives more distance and makes it so that the player does not have to face the enemy, because the attack goes in all directions. The reason why these are so effective is because there is no way to counter these attacks, and can be cancelled anytime. The only way to stop this is to point the shield in the direction of the player, which is hard because the dash is so fast, and because most enemies will not anticipate an attack like this. And in the case that the enemy manages to point the shield towards you, you can simply cancel the attack and roll instead. While you may think that these attacks are best when performed by a hammer to maximize damage, the best weapons for these are bow, wand, and claws. The reason for the bow and wand is because the projectile attacks do stun the player when blocked. With the wand the special should be used to freeze the player, hit them twice and throw your weapon. With the bow a simple arrow is best. (or the special) The reason why claws is the best for the melee is because its short range, it is easier not to get caught on the shield block. While weapons like hammer or spear you really have to go behind the player to get any damage without getting stunned, which is near impossible.

Fist Fighting

Fist fighting can look challenging but is very effective. Once disarmed, you will need a way to defend yourself. Fists have the same range as a hammer and can hit players while kicking. There are 3 basic steps which you can use to perfect your fist fighting.

Staying passive

When fighting with your fists, unless your opponent is below 2 health, its best to stay on the defensive side. There is no point at charging at your enemy when you can just peacefully wait for your weapon to come back. You will find your enemy will often roll to you or dash at you which you can easily counter by stepping out of the way and punching.


Its good to spam your punching a lot because it does not hurt you unless you get blocked. When ever you see a cance at getting a hit in, it is always nice to add an extra .5 damage with the punch!


Once you have harmed your enemy enough with the punch, you can quit staying passive and start getting in for some more damage. You can simply wait for your opponents shield to go down then dash in and hit them. Make sure to dodge any kicks or weapons though.

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