Trees are unmovable objects scattered across the Ruins map and Winter Survival map. They can be cut down and release Health Orbs, Stamina Orbs, and wood when chopped. An abundance of trees may be found in the forest. There are a number of 18 trees in the map of fort, while in the winter map, it is randomly generated.

A player chopping a tree down NOTE: Spears can no longer cut trees


The base of the tree cannot be walked through, but when the tree is on the ground, the player can walk over it. Each tree has 6 Health Points, which means it can take 2 hits from the axe before it falls down on the 3rd chop. When the health is depleted, the tree falls down, which makes it uncuttable until it respawns in its upright position.


Trees within wilds go back to the very beginning of the game, when the game was titled "Rezoner's Survival Game." Players had the ability to chop these trees down and collect resources.
Tree falling

A falling Tree.

After the first major update, when wilds went into beta and ruins were added, trees took on a new look. They became indestructible and looked like short stubby bushes. They did not add to the gameplay of the game at all.

This continued on to the second ruins map, where outside of the ruins was a wide desert with the occasional ruins or trees. From here some players started to try and chop the tree down by spending time simply hitting it, even if there was no effect. These people are known as "Tree Guardians", the people that waste their time hitting trees. Some also pushed for choppable trees to be implemented in the future.

Trees have become essential for maintaining a fort, stove or campfire. There are also many quests that relate to trees, often you will find players chopping trees simply for completing quests. The tree update also brought some life back to axes, making the weapon more popular in forts.
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Old Tree

In the most recent ruins map, the trees were still the same. However, with the update on April 21st, 2017 new trees were added. These trees could be chopped down and released stamina and health orbs. There is also a bug where chopped-down trees still released orbs. As of 5/12/2017, trees can release wood. Most trees were also reorganized into the forest. Trees can only be chopped down with axes
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