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The tribe tag is in red, and below the player's name.

Tribe Screen

You can give your tribe a name, as well as a Tag which will appear under your name when in-game.

Tribes allow you to gather friends and compete against other tribes by gaining the most bones. The tribe map shows what tribes are doing the best by number of bones. You can create your own tribe for 1000 Coins through the game menu. When playing you can see players' tribes in red which is written under the name of the player. You can also join someone else's tribe by having them send you a link. It is also recommended to have/get a discord account, and to join the discord, as many tribes have discord channels.
Tribes Location

The Button for Tribes in the main menu

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An example image rezoner posted on his twitter

To get to the tribes menu, click the button on the top right of the main menu (as shown in the image above).

Joining A Tribe

There are multiple ways to join a tribe:

a. Someone sends you a link. You can click on this link or drag/copy and paste it into your search bar to join the tribe.

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Administration page

b. Public tribe link: Someone says the link over the main chat before they join the game. You can go to the menu and click it to join the tribe it brings you to.

c. You can search a tribe and join the tribe through the find tribe bar.

d. probabily soon you can talk with other members of the tribe that you join.

When joining a tribe, after you click on the link, a message will appear in the top right-hand corner informing you that you have joined the tribe.

Note: If you want to leave the tribe, go to the administration tab and click "leave tribe"

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Tribe search

Current Map (November 29th 2018)

Every tribe has their own tribe color. The small dots on the map show where the different tribe capitals are. Feel free to update this Tribe Map as much as you want.
Tribe Map
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