The worm is a mechanics-based creature added to The worm is most noticeable on the forts game mode where it has it's own pit. Here it stays and waits for any player to get near it. It guards the chest in the middle of the pit, and digs underneath the ground. The worm also resides within a certain arena map.

Screenshot (53)

A yeti getting killed by the worm

The movement of the worm is based on the movement of the nearest player. Although slow, the worm typically finds a way to get any player who dares to get close enough. If a player runs, jumps, or rolls over the graphics of the worm, it triggers the worm to burst out of the ground, ultimately killing the player. The player dies immediately regardless health or armor status.

The worm cannot be defeated or killed, so your best bet is to stay away from it. It can't dig under floor tiles, only moving around in sand. It can't get past walls or stairs. Its hit box is rather large, so if you press up against the edge of the pit there is a chance it will get you.

Ded ogres r no fun

An ogre getting killed by the worm

The worm can currently attack creatures such as yetis, goblins, and ogres. It one-shots yetis and goblins, and takes two hits to kill an ogre. This makes it one of the fastest methods for killing these monsters.

Previous versions

In previous versions of wilds, the worm animation would kill the player each time he or she died in a Pit. This lead to the infamous team bombing bug where a player on your team could place a bomb to propel you into the pit without dying. Doing so made the player "no clip" meaning they could walk through walls and over pits without dying. This feature was removed because of the bug's severity. The worm was also free to just wander around in the old wilds ruins, not being stuck in a pit. Players had to get inside a building or run away to evade it.

Bugs (Features?)

Worm kill

Worm kills player.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.13.20 PM

A screen shot with both sand worms present and circled

It seems that sometimes the worm can break free or perhaps another one gets added. There were 2 Sand Worms recorded on the Australia server on April 15th, 2017, as illustrated to the right. It is unclear at the moment (remove if confirmed) if the second sand worm was intentional or a glitch. There were also unconfirmed rumours of a second sand worm on the US server on the same day, further backing the theory that this was an intentional addition.
Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.10.02 PM

Ghosty, the moment before he died from the second sand worm

There is also a slight chance the worm wont be able to kill you, even though the animations still play as it's under you. It will seem as if though the worm goes right through you.
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