The Yeti is a massive, tank-like monster. It is one of the six known non-human creatures in so far. The yeti spawns to the left of the spikes at the top left of every map when a new server is set up. It can also be spawned in by Rezoner when he is angry, or egzekutor if he wants. It can be killed by the sandworm.

In Combat

The Yeti (also referred as Bear or Behemoth by players) is considered as a boss monster, as it has a great amount of health and deals 4 damage to players. Their attacks knock players over as well.

The yeti is able to regenerate its health (about 1 HP per second). The yeti is also able to hit you when you are on the ground, so getting kicked near a yeti is practically lethal.


The yeti can drop both Health Orbs, Haste Orbs, a soccer ball, and Items when defeated. Rarely, the Yeti will drop Mystery Boxes.  


The fastest and best non-ranged way to kill a Yeti is to run circles around it (the player is much faster than the Yeti) while hitting it. Another way is to have 3 or so clones and spam ranged attacks. The hammer is so far the quickest way to kill a yeti.

Strategy against other players

During the old ruins, when a perpetual herd of Yetis were in the bottom left corner, it was possible to lure some of the Yetis into the main ruins common, where they would wreak havoc amidst the fighting players.

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